Thursday, March 10, 2011

So Why the Rainbow Brite Chair?

Many of you (that is the three of you who are reading this blog. Thank you by the way....) are wondering why we chose the multi-colored chair in the upper right-hand corner of our header. Well it just so happens that that image is our little monthly gimmick.  A hook to keep you coming back for more. As if our bizarre banter wasn't enough.  We will change this image from time to time and write about it. I'm sure Ian and I will disagree as to what is and isn't j'adorable but that will make reading this blog all the more memorable.

The chair in question is the Louis XV Upholstered Ribbon Chair by Dransfield and Ross. In my opinion it perfectly epitomizes me and my better blogger half. They call it "Louis XV " but with that straight leg I'm thinking more Louis XVI. Someone didn't do their homework. Oh, and it also comes in black & white.  


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