Thursday, March 17, 2011

For the Love of La-Z-Boy

When I was pregnant it was recommend that I obtain a glider. Have you seen them? Gliders?  The poor little things look like they've been hit too many times with the ugly stick.  My reply: "No thank you. I'm going to judge this book by it's cover and go with something that doesn't look like it needs to be paired with a wallpaper border."  So I registered for an Eames Rocker @ Design Within (Somebody's Else's) Reach.

Well, flash forward a few months. I've got a beautiful, healthy baby boy and a whole lotta sleep deprivation. When Peanut was 3 months old, my husband and I took him on his first road trip to the wedding of good friends in Paso Robles. We opted to stay at the lovely retro Best Western. I'm guessing the last room renovation took place around the time JR and Sue Ellen were still going strong.  As I entered our room my eyes fell upon a La-Z-Boy.  The snickering! The guffaws! That all ended when I climbed into this bad boy at 3:00am. Oh sweet baby Jesus. I have never, ever been more comfortable in such ugliness in all my life. It was glorious -like being hugged by a soft, large, fuzzy teddy bear. Image to the right is a pretty darn actual representation but without the cigarette burns.

Back to present day. My lovely Eames Rocker, while a classic beauty, is comfortable if and only if you do NOT have a 16-pound wiggling object in your lap desperate and cranky for liquid gold. To remedy my discomfort, I switched to our small Danish mid-century chair for the multiple nightly feedings. Like a lover desperately clinging to a doomed relationship I tried to ignore my feelings of disappointment & dissatisfaction. Admitting there were drawbacks to Danish furniture would be tantamount to putting french doors on an Eichler.

Maybe there is something to form following function. Maybe. So I started fantasizing. My thoughts turned to a chair with actual, practical comfort, built-in cup holders and even side pockets for magazines and extra burp cloths... Now I am on the hunt for something that doesn't make me weep with sorrow to look at yet cuddles me & my Peanut like Saarinen's Womb Chair (at a fraction of the cost). The search is daunting. I feel like John Wayne roaming through Seven Fingers. Google it.

not awful:  Luca by Land of Nod     |     Cole by NurseryWorks

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