Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Bookshelf Hardly Seen

I have been desperately seeking bookshelves lately.  I happened on this one and had to share it with my j'adorable friends.  It's completely inappropriate for my needs (I have a lot of books, I need adjustable shelves, etc.) but I find it marvelous anyway.  I'd love to see a gang of them lining a large uninterrupted wall, filled with object and art books.  They would look so avante garde and architectural.

I love that it's rendered in clear acrylic, not only will it not overpower a space visually, but it will also take on the color of the wall it leans against and give a little unexpected sparkle in a non-threatening way.  It's sort of sexy and cavalier, yet sturdy with practical applications (note to self - new Craigslist personals profile description).

Just a note on cleaning acrylic - only use mild soap and warm water on a soft cloth.  Don't come near this with anything in a spray can, the chemicals will etch the acrylic and you'll be kicking yourself afterward.

- Ian
Acrylic Leaning Bookshelf @ Wisteria

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