Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love for Sale

A favorite piece - The Duchess of Windsor necklace. 
Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Pearls set in 18kt gold
Hold onto your hot sauce friends, this is an APB for the style conscious.  Coming April 18th 2011, Bonham’s on Sunset Blvd. will be auctioning a collection of one of a kind jewelry designed by Tony Duquette & associate Hutton Wilkinson; most of it unseen by the public.  So, settle that insurance claim, dip into that 401 k, and send those kids to public school because there are some Baroque Baubles that need a new home.

Duquette has been experiencing a Renaissance for the past 10 years thanks to the Hollywood Regency style popularized by Kelly Wearstler and her ilk. 

While I j’adore his Interiors, his jewelry designs have always made my windows fog up.  What makes his work so incredible is that he was able to translate hallmarks that were usually seen in bombastic Interiors into something as utterly intimate as jewelry. 

Coral, Insects, Shells, Malachite, Cabochons, Baroque pearls, and golden Starbursts combine with influences from India, Russia and Europe to create works that are unmistakably Duquette and divinely decadent. 
A Cocktail Ring of Citrine and Peridot in 18kt Gold.

Cocktail rings that could choke a horse, Maltese Cross brooches that could moor a boat, jeweled collars that should require a consultation with a chiropractor are all part of the repetoire.  The catalog of items has yet to be released, but I've included some of Duquette's greatest hits for your perusal.

If the pieces up for auction are as stunning as the ones I have already seen, this event will require a few cigs and a cuddle afterward.


A lethal looking Starburst Brooch of Green & Purple Amethyst with Diamonds
Mandy Moore wearing the Duchess of Windsor necklace    
Moore in a Collar and Cuff of Cabochon Saphires by Duquette

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