Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The little Kitchen That Could - Part VII

And we have a floor!

New floor installed, and cabinet hardware too!

For all the planning that went into the Kitchen (counters, lighting, cabinet finishes, hardware options) I never once thought about the floor.  I'm not bragging; it was a problem I didn't realize I had until almost the very end. 

I though I'd be able to find some really cute vintage looking sheet flooring that would punch up the space.  Let's just say my options were limited, regardless of my budget.  There was nothing cute to be found; it all looked like something out of a hole in the wall Mexican Restaurant or a Trailer Park.  I started to get a headache.  I wanted sheet Vinyl.  I budgeted for sheet Vinyl.  I dreamed of sheet Vinyl.  The market, however, was cluttered with hardwood, laminates, porcelain tile and stone, not sheet Vinyl.

With limited options, I went with what I could find that was reminiscent of the 1940's or 50's; which means I fell back on what I could remember from my Grandmother's house.  She liked a floor that looked clean when it was dirty, and one you wouldn't slip on when you spilled water.  She was practical to say the least.

I found some workable patterns that had the look of mosaic tiles, both in a Grey/Green color way.  I really wanted my clients to want the busier of the two, because I like that clash of the the reserved and the chaotic.  Happily, they went for it and the floor went down two days later.  As a boon, the whole house smelled like new toys thanks to the fresh floor.  I'm probably the only one who finds the aroma of new Vinyl pleasing, but it's the little things that make us special, right?

- Ian


Option #1 - A Mosaic style with varying shades of Green and White.
Punchy and fun, but sort of busy, depending on who you ask.
Works nicely with the cabinet color as well.

Option #2 - A Travertine look with a Green-ish cast.
Safe, but boring and drab.

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