Thursday, July 14, 2011

Food. Need I Say More?

I just got a voice mail from Ian describing in detail some scrumptious meal he just had. I remember it had something to do with caramelized onions. I'm not quite sure what else he said because he had me at 'caramelized'. That made me hungry of course so I decided to torture myself by googling food related topics. Now while I consider myself a good cook -I have my Classic Wusthofs, my Microplane zester, my Emilie Henries and I know how to use them, I am certainly not an excellent cook. I know excellent cooks -these are the people in my life who will never fall off of my Christmas card mailing list.  These excellent cooks have the ability to commune with food like some kind of Jedi foodie. They can open anyone's fridge and create a gourmet meal out of random this-and-thats. They know the precise moment when to by a melon and, their yeast never goes bad or, if it does, they know that they should bake with it the day before it does. They use words like, souciant, dash, julienne, emulsify, and chanterelle. I love these friends. Their talents amaze me and their food comforts me like a long lost childhood wobbie. I only hope one day I can return the favor by selecting the correct window treatment or bureau plat for their home.

I'm not really sure where I am going with this but in my search for food stuff online I came upon Irish born photographer, stylist, and fellow blogger, Katie Quinn Davies. This fair lass' photography looks and feels like a Dutch Master painting: rustic,vibrant, alive. She has a great blog, What Katie Ate. And, if I could eat all that she blogs about I would be one happy camper. Of course I would also look like a camper or small RV but, these are the sacrifices I am willing to make that is, until the Alkaseltzer runs out. So to complete my self torture today I will call back my friend Ian and ask him to finish telling me about his fabulous meal. I only hope he took a picture.


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