Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Little Kitchen That Could is Finished!

I am crazy for the beautiful simplicity of this corner.
It's all just so right.  Also, even though I was cramped
for space, I was able to find an oven that gave the owner
options.  This model has a full size oven, plus a smaller
area that can be another oven, a warming oven, or a broiler.
Such a good use of space.

And we're done!  After 3 months, the Kitchen is complete.  Painted, plummed, electrified, tiled, floored, and full of new appliances and fabulous semi custom cabinetry.  It was a marvelous project, and I'm proud to have done it. 

A lot of Designers I know of wouldn't have wanted this Kitchen, because it wasn't glamorous, it had limitations on space and budget, and they couldn't go over the top and radically change everything. 

I'm sort of the opposite.  Don't get me wrong, I love carte blanche projects, but I think restrictions can also help push a project to be truly great.  Finding solutions takes more time, but it also helps you refine your options and make choices that will ultimately be the best for your situation.  There's nothing wrong with working inside a set of parameters; where you get in trouble is venturing out and looking at things you know you can't have. 

For instance, I had a total gut on this kitchen; everything had to go.  I knew I needed new electrical and plumbing, appliances, cabinets and a floor.  Keeping this in mind, I went straight for the moderately prices products.  Why dream of a Viking Range when my kitchen is as small as my budget?  No one likes being the heavy, but we all have to be realistic, and the right choice is there if we're open and willing to work it into our plans.  

- Ian 

In keeping with the idea of a Period style Kitchen, I ordered
a scalloped wooden valance for above the sink and window seat.
It was an option my Vendor said many people didn't go for.
I completely understood, but it is so right for this little
charmer of a room.

This is silly, but i love details: I found a vintage reproduction
door bell and had my GC install it.  It's perfect, and it
also works, two features the old door bell lacked.

Attached to the kitchen is a rear hall.  A narrow space
that's mostly storage, but with some cute little features,
like the built in desk and book case.  The Kitchen floor
continues into this area.  For fun, I painted the cabinet
interior Green to pick up on the Kitchen color.

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