Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Little Kitchen That Could - Part V

And we have cabinets!

In the corner is a Lazy Susan cabinet.  I could play
with that all day. 

I was like a kid on Christmas Morning when the big truck rolled in with boxes upon boxes of cabinetry.  I gleefully snatched the shipping manifest and helped the installers call off unit numbers and accessories as they found their way into the garage for storage.

After working with the Vendor on the perfect plan for this Kitchen, which, by the way was done on a budget, I finally started to see the work come to life.  True, it was cathartic to be rid of the obsolete appliances and the floor I ran the risk of falling through, but after draining the pool for cleaning, it's nice to fill it up again.

The name of the game for this kitchen was storage.  I wanted it, whether or not my clients knew they needed was another issue all together.  You can never have too much storage in a kitchen.  That Fondu pot you thought you'd use all the time has to get stashed somewhere, as do all those boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, and the cleaning supplies.  With this design, we have skinny cabinets for baking sheets, corner cabinets with Lazy Susans, glass front cabinets for China, Tall shallow cabinets for pantry items, and slide out trays for pots and pans.  In today's world of over done and under thought, convenience and practicality are party guests we need to invite more often.

- Ian

The drop cabinets under the window is the future home
of the new dining area.  We're doing a little cafe table and
treating the area as you would a window seat.  Very charming.

The perfect solution for the Range.  Ample room on either
side to act as a resting spots for a hot pot just off the cook top.
I see so many Kitchens without this convenience, and it's really
quite an oversight.

A stacking Washer and Dryer will go by the door
on the right.  I love my vintage lights!


  1. I love your kitchen. It is wodnerful and all of your decorations and vignettes are fabulous.

  2. Thanks so much for your compliments! I've done a few kitchens and they're always an adventure. I love getting every last inch of storage out of a space, and making it look good too. :)