Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Little Kitchen That Could - Part VI

And we have counters!

I always say, it's going to get ugly before it gets pretty.
Case in point, the Kitchen looks like a crime scene. 

I chose to do a two tone tile because it was appropriate to the
house; Granite, while popular, would not have fit in with the style
or Period of the home.  I chose an affordable tile in a pretty
sage green and ivory with a glossy finish to reflect light.   

I love the pencil tile that creates the pin stripe effect on the
Back-splash.  My Grandmother's kitchen had a detail similar to
this, and it's such a simple way to add a little Period charm.  Her
was a home of the same period, and her kitchen tile was Canary
Yellow and Forest Green!

Remember how i said the old cabinets were 18" deep?  Well, here's
the solution to that.  I had to keep 18" on part of the cabinet
due to the door swing, but we brought the rest of the depth out
to the standard 24".  I think it's works well, and it adds a little
quirk to the kitchen.  This area is for silverware and linens.
It's always so convenient to keep those two things near the sink.
Love the green frame around the Back-splash, so graphic.

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