Thursday, June 30, 2011

No More Wire Hangers

Well we are finally moved into our little pied-a-terre here in Menlo Park and so far we are loving it -in spite of the garden window in the kitchen (though I must say my orchid is a happy camper). The last time I had so many positive emotions for a place we lived in, cupcakes were the new dessert.

With all of our boxes unpacked there's little to do but to hang paintings and organize the closets. Since we moved from a large house to a small duplex the latter will be a challenge. But, as any good type-A will tell you, this is the kind of challenge we live for. Oh! To have total organizational control over all the little goo-ga's in my life. Now that's bliss. 

I suspect she bought more blankets
than she'll ever need just for this photo shoot.
But where to begin? Well for those of us who sadly cannot afford Poliform (I don't believe they do custom work for 2' x 2' closets anyway) and get a complex from reading Martha Stewart (I don't have time to hand-blow the glass containers that will hold my home-remedy salves & soaps) we take a trip to The Container Store. Alternatively, I could roll retro and throw my stuff into bunch of old shoe boxes, label them with a half-dried-out Sharpie and call it a day. It has the essence of a DIY Martha project...but with a ghetto edge. Hmm, that's something to consider.

Back to the Container Store: I am not advocating purchasing a bunch of stuff in order to store more stuff. I'd much rather pair down than add to the problem. Why clutter your clutter, right? But a purposeful box here, a cedar smelling thingy there... new fuzzy hangers to replace the sad little Joan Crawford ones... that may be just the ticket out of Clutterville.

Bee's wax harvested to
create a soothing lip balm
I'm looking to organize (2) bedroom closets and (1) linen closet. And I need to design and implement my solutions fast. There's nothing worse than noticing that your son prefers to play with a box of sanitary napkins over his firetruck. Well, maybe he'll be an OB-GYN.

Check back in later to see my results. I don't guarantee they'll be publish-worthy but they will be wire-hanger free.


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