Thursday, June 16, 2011


To help Peonies open, place them near a natural light source and place fresh cut
stems in warm water.  The warm water helps the flower food dissolve faster
and also encourages the blooms to open faster.

Peonies at Trader Joe's, front and center.
It's that season again, people.  Peonies are in full bloom and just waiting for you to take them home and suffer their charms.  I get mine at Trader Joe's, because they're cheap and good quality.  While I do enjoy a good European style arrangement overflowing with various colors and textures, there is nothing like the simplicity of one type of flower exploding from an elegant vase in a monochromatic wave of beauty. 

So, grab your pocket book, head to TJ's, and buy 3 bunches (they're only $6.99 for 5!) in the color of your choice (blush, fuchsia, salmon, burgundy or white) chop those stems at and angle and watch as the golf ball sized buds open into beautiful blooms of jagged flouncy petals.  Be sure to buy flowers in bud, but not tight.  I find the tighter buds fail to open, and nobody likes a girl that won't put out after you've paid out.

- Ian

Peonies in the Ian Patrick House.  Chopped to the same height,
crammed into an Antique Silver Plate water pitcher. 
Utter simplicityand charm.  I filled in with stem cuttings
that still had leaves attached.
My pitcher is wonderfully tarnished; I actually like the look of
wear and age.  How convenient, right?
Michael S. Smith fills a collection of Blue & White with a
bounty of Peonies and Garden Roses.  Completely welcoming and
maddeningly intoxicating.

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  1. Attention Costco shoppers?! Get your tightly budded peonies tonight in the floral aisle.

    --your far-and-once-removed cousin, M.