Friday, February 10, 2012

Fortuny by L'Objet.

You all know how I j'adore all things Fortuny.  So imagine how giddy I became when I was walking through Neiman Marcus and saw the new collection from L'Objet that features Fortuny's designs on table wear and home accessories.  Tidbit trays, bowls, boxes, decanters, coaster and glasses are all embellished with golden prints of his original textile designs over earthenware colored with the organic hues he loved so much.  Consider this entry level Fortuny.  If you can't dress your windows in it, then how about your cocktail table or night stand?  It doesn't take much to make something special happen.

- Ian

I love the little boxes and those journals.  The boxes are perfect for a bedside table.
This marvelous box covered in textile and accented with metal retails at 895.00.
This adorable little tray has a cabochon stone at the center and retails at 85.00.
I love the gold plated base on this petite dessert server that retails for 295.00
A perfect hostess gift, the scented candles from the Fortuny collection are packaged in a fabric wrapped box. 
It's like two gifts in one.  Each candle retails at 125.00.


  1. Thank you for the kind words! We're excited that you were excited!

  2. How could I not be!? It's absolutely beautiful. Such modern day treasures.