Friday, November 11, 2011

Beach Blanket, Bingo!

I do not go to the beach.  I like the sea and the tingle-ly feeling it gives me when I smell the ocean air, but I won't go in something I can't drain.  I also don't like being wet.  It's not one of my better looks.  However, wonderful witty little trinkets like the beach towel I'm about to plotz over could change my mind and actually get me on the sand.

I was thumbing though the Neiman Marcus Gift Catalog and saw this adorable and quite generously size beach towel, shaped like a Zebra pelt and rendered in White with Navy stripes.  I almost can't stand it!  I love the little carry straps that it comes with, and I love that this doesn't just have to be at the beach.  How eye catching to drape it over your pool side chase in Palm Springs?  Or even the one in your own back yard?  Or use it for a pic-nic pr fun patio side table cloth.  So sexy and fun, and best of all, machine washable!

The towels are made by the Australian Maslin & Co (, and sold in the states through Neiman Marcus and Opening Ceremony.  Retails at $225.00.

- Ian

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