Friday, May 20, 2011

Jumping on the Wallpaper Bandwagon

Ian's Vivienne Westwood wallpaper post really got my juices flowing this morning. Wallpaper is my drug of choice -as is tile but let's do this one finish at a time, shall we? This isn't the Studio 54 of the design world...but I'm sure it could be given Ian's couture wardrobe. (Fellas: it's to die for...) Moving on. Ian alluded to the fact that the VW wallpaper line was an anomaly in the design world; a walk on the wild side from the ho-hum offerings of today. But I disagree. I feel that wallpaper today offers far more choices and reaches a much broader group of people than ever before. There's something for everyone now. And as the ubiquitous saying goes: this is not your grandmother's wallpaper.

But in spite of all the options, I often get the sense that wallpaper for some people is like getting a tattoo: the commitment is simply too big. But that doesn't have to be the case. Get your feet wet with a powder room. This is where wallpaper can make a huge impact without breaking the bank. The small size of this type of space also allows for one to make a bold statement without being overpowering or off-putting.  My friend Risa -architect and designer from Portland, OR, installed this lovely Madison & Grow wallpaper called Michelle in "Smoked Bluefish Pate" in her powder room. And when I say installed I mean she did herself. Nicely done girlfriend! (See more of Risa's beautiful design sense and architecture on her website: 

Now I'm not advocating that one turns their house into the Kat VonDee of the neighborhood but a wall here and there or a small room would be a great way to have a little fun. And besides, this stuff is way easier to take off than laser surgery.  So whip out your glue and brushes and take a chance. There's something for everyone.


Here's a little peak of the possibilities:

"Flamenco" by Neisha Crosland
"Nevermore" by Palacepapers
"Aarni" by Marimeko
"Peridot At Night" by Madison & Grow
"Hexagono" by Tres Tintas
"Bramble" by Catherine Hammerton (yes, it's 3D, isn't everything these days?)

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  1. @ Catherine - Dear Sassy Pants, does that 3-D wallpaper come with a hand fan or a can of compress air for the ritual dusting you will have to do to keep it from looking like Miss Havisham's honeymoon suite?
    kisses - Ian